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Sarah Weinstock currently lives in Columbus, OH and teaches a combined painting and color theory class at Columbus College of Art and Design.

Artist Statement

I am interested in our ability to "see" something that isn't visible by reading into the available information. I am able to understand the position of a light source by reading its shadows, and I am able to understand how air is moving by watching the smoke that is caught in it. I set up systems and staged sets of constraints, and then I explore the moves that are possible within them. I move light to make shadows move, and I move air that pushes and tugs at smoke. Over the accumulation of moves, the vocabulary of the system starts to become rich with variation, and it illustrates a search for other options, for other possible outcomes.

The direction of my lines and the path of my marks reveal what the constraints are. If the material is thoroughly investigated, its boundaries become better understood. I learn about the nature of a substance by seeing how it reacts as it is manipulated. This prompts innovation as I seek new and interesting ways to move, and new materials to work with.

I pay attention to my instinctive reactions and urges and allow them to guide my actions and my marks. I am curious about my internal drives and how they steer my behavior without the aid of cognition. I am interested in what instinctive moves look like, as a way to give visibility to these invisible forces.

These activities also engage my thoughts on natural selection – a force that has invisibly shaped life for millennia. Life forms are constrained by the physical environment, and their genes and attributes can travel down different paths. The variations I seek in my work invite reflection on the nature of the self through consideration of the other selves we might be under different circumstances.

I am interested in the ways that such unseen forces can be encoded and visually understood, as well as our innate mental ability to give shape to the invisible. The implied energy in my work communicates momentum that gives fuel to my thoughts and guides them down paths that resonate with familiarity. I hope my viewers have a similar response.

Sarah Weinstock

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